"Helping the youth of today's world become the brighter future of tomorrow."

We invite the people in our community to make a positive difference through volunteering, sponsorship, and mentoring.

About Life Skills for Youth

Life skills for Youth, Inc (LSY) works with underserved youth and aims to provide high quality after-school (and out of school time) based programs targeting low-income, socioeconomic disadvantaged at risk youths in the surrounding Southwest area. LSY believes every child should have the opportunity to succeed in life.  The LSY organization gives hope, builds values, raises self-esteem and confidence, and most important of all, instills the values of social responsibility and integrity in each youth.

Life skills for Youth, a 501 c (3) nonprofit organization, was founded by Larry Clark in 2007. Mr. Clark began building a legacy that has grown to span nearly two decades of service, leadership, and commitment to the youths within his community. That service and dedication evolved into a larger purpose with a definite vision and mission for LSY.

Under Mr. Clark direction, LSY’s outreach and recruitment methods consist of, but are not limited to, referrals from Southwest area schools, churches and community activists, groups and associations, through participation in community events, distribution of brochures and flyers, referrals from participant family members (who quickly remark on the improvements in their children).

LSY conducts fun social gatherings and events, which are open to the public (i.e., Back-to-School Bash, Christmas Party, Lights on after-school), and participates in social networks such as, Facebook. In addition, LSY is located in a very spacious and modern facility provided at Temple Baptist Family Life Center, 10710 Interstate 30, in Little Rock, Arkansas 72209. The 14,022.58 square foot facility is equipped with a gym, game room, youth room, entertainment stage, 3 kitchen/serving areas, 10 classrooms and 2 offices. The efficient facility has been approved by DHS to provide appropriate accommodations for two hundred seventy (270) youth. There is a well-maintained softball field, playground equipment, and a large, newly-paved 350 space parking lot next to the facility.

The LSY facility is readily accessible to the youth via Baseline Road, Interstate 30, and public and school bus routes. The facility is equipped with ramps and wide door openings at all entrances to ensure it is accessible for physically disabled persons. The facility meets all of the Quality Standards of having a safe and appropriate environment.

Over time, Larry Clark and the LSY staff worked hard to fulfill the mission of creating an organization which gives hope, builds values, raises self-esteem, confidence, and teaches the importance of social responsibility and integrity.  Through this organization, and the learning environment it creates, every child has the opportunity to succeed in life.

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