"LSY provides skill enhancing programs for the youth of our community."

Our programs help children and teenagers to be more effective in meeting challenges in life, and preparing them for the future.

Current LSY Programs

Effective Parenting

The Effective Parenting program teaches a parent how to implement good parenting skills and instill strong values for their child or children. This program provides the parent with an opportunity to engage one on one with other parents who can share real life parenting experiences. The classes are executed through group sessions, workshops, and hands on training with the parent specialists. These parent-teachers guide a parent in a step by step training process. The first step in Effective Parenting is that a parent gets to understand themself better through a Question and Answer session with the parent-teacher. Effective Parenting specializes in "Patience and Preparedness" for your child or children. The classes also teach you to set goals and expectations for yourself and your family. The last phase of Effective Parenting is preparing a structured plan that works for you, which also ensures a positive environment to raise a child. Effective Parenting offers a positive choice to a better life situation for you and your family.


LSY After-School program is designed to provide youth with a safe environment that supports healthy growth and development in areas that influence student success and lifelong learning. During the afterschool and summer program, LSY offers individual tutoring, homework help, and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) focused curriculum to increase academic performance of our students. In addition to academics, LSY is dedicated to preparing students for the real world. Each program incorporates workshops on leadership, life skills development, healthy lifestyle, physical fitness, ATM (anger, time, and money management), and much more. 


LSY Summer program is an eight (8) week summer experience designed for youth to engage in team building and leadership activities. During the summer program, LSY incorporates an intense time of fun through physical health and wellness activities, as well as academic preparation for the upcoming school year. Each day, youth participate in morning classes that focus on increasing math and literacy skills. During the afternoons, youth move into STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) activities and Spanish classes alternating with scheduled fieldtrips to that support academic discovery and exploration. Breakfast, lunch, and snack are served each day of the summer program. 

Saturday Academy

Saturday Academy is a special program that operates on Saturdays from 9:00am – 2:00pm. This program is designed to provide youth with a safe environment to receive extended math, science, literacy, and Spanish tutoring, or help on special projects or homework assigned throughout the week. Saturday Academy is also the home to our ATM (anger, time and money management) program, where students are engaged in practical life skills workshops and in-depth sessions designed to strengthen their anger, time, and money management. During Saturday Academy, LSY offers ACT Prep classes facilitated by certified staff. Breakfast and lunch are served during Saturday Academy.

 Out-of-School Time

Days that youth are out of school during the school year (i.e., spring break, in-service days, winter break), LSY offers programming that focuses of healthy lifestyles, career exploration, intentional enrichment, and teambuilding. Youth are still engaged in academic preparation activities, including those related to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields. Breakfast, lunch, and snack are served each day during out of school time. 


This program teaches youth how to manage their Anger, Time, and Money. The first step of this program teaches the youth how to control their anger. This is executed through group sessions, one on one sessions,  motivational speakers and workshops  specifically geared at adolescent.  Time management teaches our youth about setting timelines for daily activities such as: determining what they will wear for the next day the night before or how to set aside time for homework on a game night, etc.  The last phase deals with ways to acquire and achieve monetary rewards on a long term basis and how to manage and maintain those rewards.  Information, techniques and ideas from professionals, entrepreneurs and businesses are shared with the youth on moneymaking choices.

Career Development

This program prepares and improves work-ready students who will soon become engaged in today’s workforce.  LSY student curriculum includes:

  • Work Ethics
  • Work Habits
  • Communications
  • Job Search
  • College Planning

Health & Wellness

This Program sets standards for healthy eating habits and physical fitness activities.  As a part of this program, medical professionals come in to speak and teach participants about healthy living, healthy choices, physical fitness programs, etc.  The philosophy of this program is to teach today for a healthy tomorrow.  The youth participate in various sports, i.e. soccer, baseball, tennis, walking, basketball, etc.; healthy nutritional snacks will be served daily and this will reinforce the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle.

Cultural Enrichment Activities

This program strives to diversify youth culturally and enhance their social abilities to meet the challenges of society.  Program participants engage in the arts, theater and history through dance, musicals and museums.  They also learn about contemporary art expression, historical classics arts, poetry, etc.

Community Services

This programengages the youth in community services; it shows participants how to develop a sense of civic duty and nationalism.  Examples of community service projects include but are not limited to: reading to the elderly in nursing homes; cleaning parks, collecting needed items such as clothes, food, blankets, etc., and helping out at school activities that benefit the community.


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