"Helping the youth of today's world become the brighter future of tomorrow."

We invite the people in our community to make a positive difference through volunteering, sponsorship, and mentoring.

Our Mission

Life Skills for Youth (LSY) mission is to provide leadership and strong positive role models for youth, with a series of programs focused on personal development, educational enhancement, and career preparation, which will create a foundation for success in life.

Life Skills for Youth is an organization built on the spirit and tenacity of its members. Its primary goal is to assist youth in building skills that give them a foundation to rely upon in the workplace and in their lives.

Computer skills, time management, money management, and interactive skills are just a few of the areas of focus at Life Skills for Youth. Equipped with the latest tools and faculty, Life Skills for Youth develops the already present potential our youth possess. Our mission is to mentor these youth to assume leadership roles in the workplace, school systems, and communities into which they move and live: by "Helping the youth of today's world become the brighter future of tomorrow."

The Vision

Everyone wants their child to succeed in life; this is the vision of Life Skills for Youth. To help our youth succeed, Life Skills for Youth offers immediate help in the areas of health and wellness; anger, time, and money management (ATM); and educational tutoring for the express purpose of mentoring the youth into responsible, positive citizens.

Our youth face obstacles we did not have to face in our childhood. Technology is growing faster than the public’s wisdom to use it. Life Skills for Youth has a vision to help youth adapt to this new technology by educating them in areas that have the most impact on their lives. By mentoring our youth we insure our own future as well as aid them in becoming the leaders in that future. Our community’s potential future rests in our hands today. Life Skills for Youth is committed to helping our youth by mentoring tomorrow’s adults today.

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